Explore a unique and personalized
Health Check-up experience


Medanta’s comprehensive health checks are designed to help you track your health and hence reduce your chances of falling ‘ill’. The health checks include detailed pathological and radiological investigations as well as lifestyle and mental health screening to assist in understanding your health and adopt pro-active measures to ensure your physical, emotional and physiological wellbeing.

What is a health check-up?

Regular health exams and tests are AMC (annual maintenance) for your body. It can help identify problems before they start as well as also can help detect problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. Type of exams and screenings you need depends on your age, health and family history, as well as lifestyle choices such as what you eat, how active you are, and whether you smoke or consume alcohol.
To make the most of your next check-up, here are some things to do before you go:

  • Review your family medical history
  • Collect your previous medical records
  • Find out if you are due for any general screenings or vaccinations
  • Write down a list of health issues and concerns, to ask during the health check

Why do you need a health check-up?

Medanta understands that in this fast paced world, your health is of prime importance. So we bring to you first of its kind customized prompt health checks done by highly qualified and experienced medical team to help you understand and manage your health and enjoy life to the maximum.

  • Detect health problems before they become threats
  • Avoid risks due to inherited health issues
  • Prevent past health issues from relapsing
  • Monitor and track chronic conditions
  • Be aware and prepared for age-related health issues

How our packages are tailored to meet your needs?

Medanta’s Preventive Health & Wellness Programs are designed to provide you with comprehensive full body checks by experienced medical experts at our world class facilities backed by excellent infrastructure and latest equipment. The Preventive Health & Wellness Program offers a variety of health checks to cater to each individual and are designed to screen you for health issue from head to toe, helping you to be on top of your health.

What differentiates our Health Check programs?

At Medanta, we have transformed the traditional “Executive Physical-Exam” from a mere data gathering checklist into a fully integrated, comprehensive 360° evaluation including physical, mental and lifestyle assessments by some of the best medical experts in the world. Unlike other health checks available in the market that only focus on physical well-being, our health assessment takes an holistic approach to screen all aspects affecting your health including lifestyle, nutrition, ergonomics, stress, genetics, mental and social wellness.
The highly qualified team helps you understand the medical reports, explaining the underlying risks and working along with you to formulate a health plan that is most appropriate to manage your health based on your gender, age, lifestyle, previous medical history and current health check results.

How frequently should you get a health check-up done?

The recommended frequency for undergoing a health check would vary from one person to another depending upon their health status. According to globally accepted recommendations healthy individuals below 40 years should be getting a health check done once a year whereas people above 40 should be get it done once in 6 months.

What type of health check-up package should you choose?

Your past medical history, present health concerns, family medical history and risk factors help to determine the health check-up that would best assess your health status. At Medanta, we have developed an AI based tool that can help you opt for an appropriate health check, by answering a few simple questions about your health.